FashionViL: Fashion-Focused Vision-and-Language Representation Learning


Large-scale Vision-and-Language (V+L) pre-training for representation learning has proven to be effective in boosting various downstream V+L tasks. However, when it comes to the fashion domain, existing V+L methods are inadequate as they overlook the unique characteristics of both fashion V+L data and downstream tasks. In this work, we propose a novel fashion-focused V+L representation learning framework, dubbed as FashionViL. It contains two novel fashion-specific pre-training tasks designed particularly to exploit two intrinsic attributes with fashion V+L data. First, in contrast to other domains where a V+L datum contains only a single image-text pair, there could be multiple images in the fashion domain. We thus propose a Multi-View Contrastive Learning task for pulling closer the visual representation of one image to the compositional multimodal representation of another image+text. Second, fashion text (e.g., product description) often contains rich fine-grained concepts (attributes/noun phrases). To capitalize this, a Pseudo-Attributes Classification task is introduced to encourage the learned unimodal (visual/textual) representations of the same concept to be adjacent. Further, fashion V+L tasks uniquely include ones that do not conform to the common one-stream or two-stream architectures (e.g., text-guided image retrieval). We thus propose a flexible, versatile V+L model architecture consisting of a modality-agnostic Transformer so that it can be flexibly adapted to any downstream tasks. Extensive experiments show that our FashionViL achieves new state of the art across five downstream tasks.

European Conference on Computer Vision 2022

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