Deep Learning

HeadSculpt: Crafting 3D Head Avatars with Text

A versatile pipeline for generating and editing 3D head avatars with textual prompts.

FAME-ViL: Multi-Tasking Vision-Language Model for Heterogeneous Fashion Tasks

A versatile and efficient multi-task model for fashion-focused V+L tasks.

Large-Scale Product Retrieval with Weakly Supervised Representation Learning

The second place solution for 2nd eBay eProduct Visual Search Challenge (FGVC9-CVPR2022).

FashionViL: Fashion-Focused Vision-and-Language Representation Learning

A versatile and flexible framework for fashion-focused V+L representation learning.

UIGR: Unified Interactive Garment Retrieval

A unified framework and benchmark for two interactive garment retrieval tasks.

Text-Based Person Search with Limited Data

Solve the data scarcity problem in TBPS through transfer learning and contrastive learning.

Inverse Design of Metasurface Optical Filters Using Deep Neural Network With High Degrees of Freedom

Interdisciplinary AI application in metasurface designing.

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